We are proudly presenting authentic cuisine of Pakistani and India in Queretaro, Mexico.

The first Shahana Taj location started in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2012. Years later, Chef Nasim Insari moved to Queretaro, Mexico and brought his brand with him. Shahana Taj started as a restaurant, but pandamic forced us to make many changes in the past 3 years. Today Shahana Taj offers an exclusive dining experience in a home like setting. Chef Nasim Insari creates the menu of the day, all dishes are cooked fresh and customized to our clients preferences.

Shahana Taj brings to you the authentic taste of India and Pakistan in Queretaro, Mexico. Using traditional aromatic spices and best produce we prepare delicious dishes in town. We provide a clean hospitable environment with dedicated service to all our customers. The sensational aroma of our sultry meals is guaranteed to entice your taste buds.

Our supreme and unique taste will keep you coming back.

We will always treat you in a Shahana (Royal) style.

Shahana Taj which means Royal Crown in the Urdu Language (National Language of Pakistan). Our brand is named after Nasim Insari's (founder) loving daughter Shahana Taj.

Shahana Taj
Shahana Taj

Food concepts of Shahana Taj are created and introduced in Queretaro, Mexico by Chef. Nasim Insari.
Chef. Insari found a great sense of satisfaction in cooking. His curious personality helped him learn beyond what his mother had to teach him. In addition to learning about Pakistani tradition cooking, Chef. Insari started experimenting and creating his own exotic blends and scrumptious dishes

Chef. Nasim Insari...





Looking for Indian restaurant in Queretaro, Mexico? Look no further, we serve authentic Indian, Pakistani cuisine.