Beautiful Setting

Shahana Taj Restaurant

Shahana Taj brings you a whole new world of food experience. From our mouthwatering exotic food to our spectacular shows, we will take you to a journey to the other side of planet. Come experience a culture and tradition that you have never known before ...

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The Experience

We believe in farm to table concepts. Reason is simple, fresh ingredients make great meals. Using traditional aromatic spices and best fresh produce, we prepare delicious Pakistani and Indian dishes in Queretaro, Mexico. Our Cardamom chai will keep you coming back for more ...

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Culture & History

Pakistani Music

Shahana Taj is not just limited to great tasting foods and high quality. We are equally concerned about providing you with ultimate dining experience with Shahana Taj Food concepts. We introduce you to our 4000 years old spectacular culture and history of the sub-continent...

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