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Indian Cuisine Masterclass

Indian Cuisine ... yes ... this is the next big thing everyone wants to cook and eat this super healthy and super tasty cuisine all over the world.

Learn to cook authentic cuisine of India and Pakistan with Chef Nasim Insari and Adeel Anjum.

The cuisine of India and Pakistan are very much similar. This cuisine is known for its inclusion of many spices, pulses and rice, not forgetting its variety of flavors and colors which are what make this cuisine so unique. Being generally low in fat, high in vegetables and lean meat, also know as Indian cuisine, which has numerous health benefits.


Indian cuisine is quickly making its way into the hearts (and stomachs) in major cities around the world.

Super Healthy and Super Tasty

There are specific components of an Indian cuisine which have wide range of health benefits.

Chickpeas, for example, which are often used in vegetarian curries, are a great source of fibre, zinc, folate and protein, which makes them a healthy factor in a vegetarian Indian cuisine. Spinach and tomatoes, which are widely used in Indian cuisine, are also known superfoods, containing high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Likewise, many Indian sauces and accompaniments are vegetable based, such as Sag aloo (spinach) and Gobhi Aloo (cauliflower with potatoes) making them a healthy choice as the majority do not use cream or cheese.

The minty yoghurt dip raita, made from natural yoghurt, cucumber and mint, is a source of calcium and is a low fat alternative to sauces such as mayonnaise. Natural yoghurt is also often used to form curry sauces instead of cream or coconut milk.


Other super ingredients such as turmeric, garlic and ginger are commonly used in Indian cooking, which are good for digestive system, heart, immune system and metabolism.

Indian cuisine offers wide variety of options for vegans and vegetarians, for example you can cook one vegetable at least 6 different ways. Finally, as Indian dishes have such an impacting taste often just a small portion can satisfy taste buds, helping you to consume fewer calories. The variety and vibrancy keeps it interesting, which is a healthy component to any cuisine as variety can prevent boredom and overeating. This is unique and very special master class will enable you learn and add several new dishes to your kitchen.


Highlights of our Masterclass

Our master cooking class is hands-on, informative and interactive. This 5-6 hours class is followed by sit down meal. You will learn authentic cooking and techniques from India and Pakistan, yet totally adapted to today's kitchen and lifestyle. All entrees are wholesome, healthy and fresh. The all-day Indian cuisine Masterclass will introduce you to the world of spices. You will leave confident in cooking Indian and Pakistani dishes from scratch using simple recipes and fresh ingredients. This is the only Indian Cuisine Masterclass in Mexico. Don't miss the opportunity.

Our Masterclass is a perfect match if you are ...
- Foodie who simply loves to try new tastes and cuisines
- A cook or a chef
- A business who wishes to introduce new supplement menu
- A business who maybe looking for team building
- A great family bonding activity

Together we will prepare the following:
- An appetizer (alutuna tikies)
- Exotic salad (raita)
- Exotic traditional fresh drink (fruit lassi with cardamom)
- Golden rice with cumin
- Mint chutney from scratch
- 3 Meat dishes (chicken vindaloo, lamb palak, chicken tikka masala)
- 2 Vegetarian dishes (alu gobi, saag paneer)
- 1 Dessert (shahi tukda)
- Use of Super Masala techniques (pre-mix spices)
- Full sit-down meal, accompanied by wine and traditional music

Click here to see the pictures of all dishes made in our Masterclass

Cost per person: $2000. pesos


29 October - 11:30am (5 to 6 hours)
Location: Shahana Taj Restaurant, San Miguel de Allende

Please note: You need to deposit 50% (non-refunable) to reserve your space in this class. Payable via bank deposit or PayPal.
Full documentation and certification of completion signed by  Chef Nasim Insari is provided.
You will also receive Super Masala (a premix of spices valued at $350) upon completion.
** We need at least 6 participants to initiate the class

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